Dennis Cunningham : Northwest Observations and Allegories, 1980-1998   By. Lois Allan & Terri Hopkins

"A native Oregonian, Dennis Cunningham examines his surrounding for stories and images, celebrating and commenting on our relationships with the environment of the Pacific Northwest and the issues we face in choosing to preserve it. Dennis Cunningham: Northwest Observations and Allegories, 1980 - 1998 begins with a selection of gouaches, monotypes, woodcuts and linoleum block prints from the early 1980s exploratory works which set the themes and develop working methods for much of Cunningham's art to come; continues with the masterful black and white linoleum block prints for which he is best known; and concludes with recent prints, metal and glass constructions, and pastel drawings."

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Northwest Observations: Reel-Life Stories


2015 Ray Trayle Print Prize (Learn more here!)

Dennis Cunningham is an acclaimed artist from the Portland, Oregon area. His graphic medium of choice for 3 decades has been blockprint, and he has been a strong advocate and practitioner. A recognizable style and sensibility runs consistently through his graphic work. Beginning with the early editorial illustrations of the 1970s, through numerous public artworks of the 1980s and 90s, 3 notable illustrated books, and a prodigious production of studio work, it seems, that you can identify the artist through his work.  He has been an instructor of blockprint for over 3 decades, first at the Museum Art School in Portland, Oregon, and then at Marylhurst University, and his instruction has been influential to generations of current printmakers.